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 We would like to contribute to society with you building trust through human and technology.

 Our company was formed with request from a major electric company. We handle the designing of elevators, escalators and 
other mechatronics products.

 We have been increasing business bases in Nagoya, Inazawa, Ichinomiya, Kariya, Gifu, Ogaki, Mino, Nakatsugawa and Shizuoka cities, Aichi, Japan now. We strive to lead in a new business such as software development and outsourcing. and focus on finding talent people and training them.

 We have been transforming our company into a new organization in order to flexibly meet your goals.

 Since we take a worker staffing outside, you can be hired as a full-time worker and play an important role in other companies.
 With due consideration for your preference and skill, the work location will be decided.

 You can show your talent in your new position, a major company without worrying about period of a contract.
We also transact contracted business in Ichinomiya city, where is in the halfway point of Nagoya and Gifu, Aichi, Japan.

 For our members’ health, we design guaranteed benefit packages: insurance institutions, periodic health examination, etc. You can work without worrying about income and other compensation packages.